Instagram Shopping & Instagram Checkout

Instagram Shopping

What is Instagram Shopping?
  • Sometimes it’s known as ‘Product Tagging’;
  • Instagram Shopping allows your Instagram followers to click a product in one of your Instagram photos to see the price, and if they want to, be directed to the product page on your online shop to purchase the item. 
In this week’s episode, I’m talking to Jessie from EKM’s Marketing Team, all about Instagram Shopping and the latest update to the platform - Instagram Checkout. 

Do I need to do anything before I begin to set up Instagram Shopping?
There’s a couple of really important things you need to do before you begin:
  • You need to have a Facebook Page set up for your online shop;
  • You need to make sure that it has had a username and a relevant category assigned to it;
  • It needs to have a Shop tab;
  • The Shop tab needs to be populated with products from your online shop;
  • (You can either do this manually one by one, or you can submit the product feed from your online shop to your Facebook Business Manager account to do lots all at once).
You need to do this because Facebook owns Instagram, and for Instagram Shopping to work, it will reference the Products you have uploaded to the Product Catalogue on your Facebook Page.

Your Instagram Account
  • You need to ensure that your online shop’s Instagram ‘owns’ the product catalogue within your Facebook Business Manager account;
  • Ensure that your Instagram profile is set to visible and not private.
Then you need to check that your Instagram account abides by the rules. These are:
  • Your business must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s Commerce Policies and Merchant Agreement;
  • Your business must be located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Brazil;
  • Your Instagram Business Profile must have been connected to a Facebook catalogue. This can be created and managed on Business Manager or through your Business Page on Facebook.
Converting to a Business Profile on Instagram

1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and click your profile image in the bottom right-hand corner. Then click the hamburger menu:

2. Click the Settings symbol:

3. Click Switch to Business Account:

4. Click Continue four times:

5. You’ll then be asked to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account. Click the circle next to the most appropriate page and then click next:

6. You’ll then be asked to confirm your email address. Click Next:

7. You’ll then be returned to your Instagram profile. Once you have converted your Instagram from a Personal to a Business account, you need to wait for your account to be reviewed. This process usually takes a few days, but if Instagram needs more detail from you, this process can take longer. If your account is approved, you’ll then receive a notification from Instagram and be able to turn on Product Tagging within your Instagram Settings.

How do I tag my Products?

As soon as your account has been approved to add Instagram Shopping, you’ll get a notification on the Instagram app. 
1. Open the Instagram app, and click the Menu:

2. Then you need to click the Settings symbol:

3. Scroll down the different options, and you’ll notice you can now see ‘Shopping’ listed beneath ‘Business Settings’:

4. Your next step is to tag your Products within your existing Instagram posts. Remember, you cannot tag a person and a Product in the same image - you can only tag one! Follow the instructions given on the Instagram app to tag your products going forward.

You’ll then see the Shopping Bag symbol displayed on your images, indicating that there’s a Product tagged in them. When customers click the product, they will see the basic product details appear, and if they wish, a second tap will redirect them to the relevant product page of your online shop. 

Instagram Shopping Best Practices
  • Don’t use Product Images on your Instagram Profile - sell the dream on Instagram;
  • Don’t use Product Descriptions in your Instagram posts - save these for your online shop;
  • Optimise the product pages of your online shop to ensure that they are as beneficial as possible for any new visitors who have come from your Instagram profile:
  • Advertise related products;
  • Display clear links to your contact details, delivery information and returns policies.
What is Instagram Checkout?

It was first released to a handful of huge American brands last year but has since been rolled out across the States, and we should see it on this side of the pond at some point soon. Basically:
  • Instagram Checkout allows customers to purchase and pay for goods via the sellers’ Instagram profile;
  • Instagram users will be able to click a Shop tab on the platform which will display all of the products that they could buy, so your products could get more exposure. 
The Pros and Cons of Instagram Checkout

  • Currently, the selling fees are expensive - 5% per shipment or a flat fee of 40 cents for orders under $8;
  • You won’t be able to access the customer’s data as this is managed by Instagram.
  • You can still use to link your posts directly to relevant pages on your online shop, driving traffic that way;
  • Instagram checkout provides a fast checkout experience for new customers;
  • You can put flyers and vouchers in with orders to advertise your online shop.
Would I still need an online shop if I had Instagram Checkout?

Yes, you still need a place to host valuable information such as:
  • Your contact details;
  • Your returns policy;
  • Your delivery details;
  • Links to your blog and any other social media profiles you’ve set up.
So what do I need to do now?
  • Set up Instagram shopping and tag your products in posts;
  • Make sure your product pages are as optimised as possible to cater to new visitors from Instagram;
  • Wait for Instagram Checkout to be released in the UK!
You can find Jessie on Instagram by clicking here, and find me by clicking here, and if you have any Instagram related questions, please let us know in the comments or by emailing